Experiencing a Different Kind of YOLO moment

In the midst of this fast-paced world, we use our valuable time to invest for the future, devoting ourselves to work from morning till midnight, twelve hours a day or more, and six days a week and so on. This vicious cycle is common nowadays especially to young professionals struggling to have the three Ps: possession, position, and pleasure. Because of this hectic lifestyle, the idea of “YOLO” or You Only Live Once became prevalent, which marks how one’s vacation is spent.

Yolo Moment Diving

A Different Experience Underwater

Are you looking for a YOLO moment for your vacation? A memorable adventure filled with an adrenaline rush? Perfect! An underwater adventure then is perfect for you. Diving underwater offers great experience perfect for a YOLO moment you are looking for. Well, at first the gear seems absurdly burdensome and looks more like some kind of soldier from Star Wars but through the orientation and guidance of a certified diver, you will make sense of everything.

At first, you may ask, what is the basic diving gear and how does it work? First of all, having a good mask is needed to enable you to explore underwater clearly and for you to avoid missing the breathtaking world of Poseidon because of blurry sight.

Complete Diving Gear

Flippers, on the other hand, allow you to get more thrust in swimming. Make sure to get a perfect size for your feet since it will be inconvenient for you underwater to wear uncomfortable ones.

Next is the tank. It is actually an oxygen tank but it is not pure oxygen since the pure form of this gas becomes toxic and fatal after prolonged exposure. The oxygen content of the tank ranges from twenty-two to forty percent together with nitrogen or helium or a combination of these three gases. The tank is connected to the regulator where the air is released for you to breathe the way you like it.

In diving, everything will be like a fantasy world and it will most likely lure divers to stay underwater for a little bit more. This is the reason why the diving gear includes an SPG or Submersible Pressure Gauge. This serves as your reminder about the remaining amount of air in your tank to help you estimate your journey.

It’s good to note that most people float easily especially in the sea where we are more buoyant due to salinity. This way, divers need to descend deeper and need scuba weight system or weight belts to get enough weight to sink. Well, of course, it is dangerous to wrap heavyweights around your waist and charge to dive or else you will be pulled to the bottom.

Also, lest we forget, there is still one very important device needed to set all things right. A BCD or Buoyancy Control Device is adjusted to keep you from floating to the surface or sinking drastically due to your weights. This device will help you control your buoyancy. Do not take this lightly though, a sudden release using the buoyancy control device will make you ascend to the surface faster and may damage your ears and nerves because of the pressure. Last but not least, bring with you an action camera with a blue filter to get awesome memorable pictures and videos. Your pictures will not be perfect without this filter and may ruin your souvenir moments underwater.

So, when is your next vacation? Still looking for a YOLO moment? Hesitate no more. Check the different diving sites using Google Finder. For bookings and reservations, however, use merchant services like Redfynn Technologies (what we personally recommend) for faster, safer and easier transactions. Head now to the nearest Bluewater shores and ask for a dive! After all, you only live once…