Scuba Doo-ooh! Where are you?

Underwater scooter.

In life, we all have wishes we thought was impossible but could perhaps be already existent to give us great joy. Oftentimes, wishful thinking happens on the things we want to do but we just can’t which sometimes frustrates us. But, frustrations only happen when you never strive to do what you think is possible (even when it hasn’t been done yet) but somehow turned to be something very much achievable.

On the other hand, what seems to be wishful thinking long ago is indeed now a reality in this modern age of technology. What seems to be something done only by professionals previously is, after years of experience, now made possible today for the ordinary man.

First off, have your underwater wish come into reality!

 Each of us has some underwater fantasies before, not just because of the influence of Ariel from the Little Mermaid story perhaps, but more because of the experience to be one with nature. It is now made possible to awesomely walk and breathe underwater without your hair getting wet. Isn’t it even more awesome to have a scooter drive underwater? Well, of course, it is! It’s mind-blowing!!!


The Submarine Scooter Adventure!

Thanks to science, the idea of being submerged underwater while keeping your head dry was invented. It was derived from the preparatory lesson about the bell theory. Just as how a piece of paper is kept dry in the submerged glass (in their experiment), the underwater scooter ride keeps the rider’s head dry and able to breathe naturally. No need to worry about not getting enough air to breathe since the glass is permanently regenerated with backup air system to ensure safety.

The scooter can accommodate up to two riders together inside the scooter’s wide 360-degree panoramic glass. In this ride, you can choose whether to do it alone or with a partner. Some prefer to ride on this with a partner since apart from enjoying the moment together; you can actually share your views and opinions during the ride, moments to rekindle especially on get-togethers.

Just like riding a car or any transport engines, signals are very important especially underwater. The underwater scooter is not complicated as one may think it seems. To pilot, there is, of course, a stirring wheel, two pedals for acceleration, and a button that controls the depth whether to go up or down. It is also equipped with alarm buttons to get the attention of the crew accompanying you on the journey.

Underwater scooters

What are the limitations?

Riding a scooter underwater is a unique experience everyone wants to experience even, perhaps, at least once in a lifetime. But not everyone can actually experience this opportunity. One can enjoy the underwater scooter ride even without diving or scuba diving experience. But it is still important to have a brief orientation about the marine life protection and underwater communication.

Kids below 10 years of age must wait for the right time to experience this ride. Something to look forward to as a birthday treat, right? Height and weight matter as well before getting an underwater scooter adventure. To assure maximum security and safety, a rider must be at least 4” feet and below 6.8” feet in height and not exceeding 350 lbs. in terms of weight. The rider must be fully aware of the adrenaline rush in every adventure and thus, one should have no medical conditions that will put the rider at risk. After passing the above requirements, one can now enjoy the underwater ride with the assessing crew.

How about the costs?

Well, the costs vary per country and not all countries have it.  But what we know is that it is present in the Philippines, the Maldives, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia and many more. Most of them also use merchant services provider to also make the process easier. Generally, it is affordable, just a few bucks higher than your ordinary scuba diving tour.

Also, the crew will not be there just to show around the beautiful spectacular sights underwater, they can also accommodate you by taking pictures of you in the best angle and scenery. This way, you can totally enjoy the experience with memorable keepsake photos.

A totally awesome and tempting must-have experience this holiday season. What are you waiting for? It only takes some clicks to inquire and book for a ride! Bon Voyage!

Oh btw, here is another variant of the underwater motor-scuba diving idea…