Titanic Tours: The Dive of a Lifetime

Titanic Tours in London

underwater tour of the RMS Titanic

You must have heard of the news March this year where, finally,  an underwater tour of the Titanic is now available for the most avid historians, scuba divers, Titanic buffs and ocean enthusiasts.

Much can be said about the ill-fated RMS Titanic wherein the demise of this maiden voyage back in April of 1912 resulted in countless interviews, documentaries, books, and even pop culture, making its way to the movies, TV shows, magazines and souvenir items. But seriously, seeing that doomed ship which claimed the lives of 1500 people firsthand is an experience of its own, far worth than any possible underwater or land-based tour in our opinion.

The Telegraph reports, however, that the slots offered by a London-based tour operator named Blue Marble Private are very limited albeit more slots are going to be opened by 2019. It also says that the tour will consist of eight days where the activities range from acquainting yourselves with the crew and scientists onboard, riding in a helicopter and later on transferring to an expedition support yacht, as well as actually operating the sonar and underwater navigation equipment

Naturally, the best part of that undersea expedition is the actual segment where three people will climb aboard a mini submarine-like seacraft cramped together. This will take place aboard the support ship when the weather conditions are most favorable to ensure no safety compromise.

The excitement of seeing that grand staircase as depicted in the 1997 movie Titanic is perhaps beyond compare. For sure, the seacraft will be sailing over its deck about ten to fifteen thousand feet below sea level. It is a truly awesome experience with an awesome price tag as well. To be exact, it costs about US$ 110,000 or around ¬£90,000 per head.¬† And this is not without basis, the same source reveals that a price of a first-class Titanic ticket back in 1912 would have cost the exact amount of the tour’s ticket when adjusted for inflation all throughout the past hundred and so years.