Which sporting events do most people bet on ?

Which sporting events do most people bet on ?
Table of contents
  1. Football leagues
  2. Handball championships
  3. Basketball
  4. Tennis tournaments
  5. Boxing matches
  6. Rugby matches
  7. Baseball tournaments
  8. Formula 1 competitions
  9. Athletics championships

Betting is the act of predicting the outcome of an event by placing a stake in advance. At present, betting is dedicated to sporting events and yields enough money depending on the stake placed by each bettor. Among the sports games, there are some that are targeted by punters. This article will show you which sporting events attract the most attention from punters.

Football leagues

As you can see on the Annsley Payne page, football has become the sporting event that attracts the most punters. Football is widely acknowledged as the epitome of sports, spawning a plethora of football contests at various tiers - local, continental, and global. Enthusiasts of sports betting have the opportunity to engage in placing wagers on domestic championships, continental spectacles like the African Cup of Nations, Euro, and Asian Cup, as well as global tournaments like the World Cup. 

Bettors are presented with numerous opportunities when it comes to wagering on football matches. It's not just about predicting the final score anymore; instead, they can place bets on various aspects such as the outcome of each match, the World Cup champion, or even the leading goal scorer, all with enticing odds. 

This means that during a football match, bettors can explore a variety of betting options including yellow or red cards, shots on target, and offside calls. It should also be noted that there are several bookmakers dedicated to football. All these reasons justify the choice of football as a betting object for betting friends.

Handball championships

Less popular than football, handball is a sport that has also been included in sports betting. Handball is not played competitively in all countries, as is the case with football. Nevertheless, there are handball championships in countries where the sport ranks highly. 

In handball matches, you can bet on the final score or the scores at the break. You can also bet on which player will score the most goals. Continental and international handball tournaments can also be the subject of sports betting. Handball matches at the Olympic Games are also subject to betting.


Basketball is a sport that appeals to many people because of the spectacle it offers. Basketball matches are therefore featured on sports betting sites. Here, punters can bet on the leading scorer, the winning team, the number of loose balls, 3-point, 2-point and 1-point throws. Official basketball matches can be used as bets, as can friendly matches. 

During exciting NBA matches, there are several announcements on the bookmakers. So punters can bet on the team of their choice. It should be noted that NBA matches receive more bets in basketball than any other basketball competition in the world.

Tennis tournaments

Tennis is not as popular around the world as football. However, tennis tournaments such as the Grand Slam are the most followed and prized by tennis lovers. So, you can bet on which player will win each set or which player will win the match in the end. 

Wimbledon tournaments are also popular in tennis sports betting, as they feature the great names in the sport. The odds on Wimbledon are as high as those on football. Legendary matches between tennis greats are also the subject of tennis betting. The Us Open and the Australian Open are tennis events on which punters place sufficient bets.

Boxing matches

Boxing is a challenging sport. So when big boxing fights come up, they are bet on. The odds on boxing fights are often high, attracting many lovers of the sport. Whether it's English boxing or MMA, you can place your sports bets on the winner of each fight. Heavyweight and middleweight fights are subject to sports betting. In boxing, you can also bet on the round on which a player will be crowned champion or not.

Rugby matches

Several rugby matches are organised around the world. Indeed, there are countries where rugby is a popular sport, such as South Africa, New Zealand, France, Ireland and so on. Local rugby league matches attract a fair number of punters. They have the chance to bet on the final score, the team that will win the local championship. During the Rugby World Cup, several sports betting sites offer their customers the privilege of placing as many bets as they wish, with fascinating odds.

Baseball tournaments

Baseball holds significant popularity amongst Americans, finding its place in high schools, universities, and various other settings. Additionally, baseball tournaments have become a platform for sports betting, captivating enthusiasts who possess a comprehensive understanding of the game's mechanics. These individuals are able to strategically place bets with enticing odds, potentially leading to substantial winnings. By carefully crafting combinations for baseball matches, bettors have the opportunity to secure substantial rewards when their wagers prove successful.

Formula 1 competitions

Formula 1, otherwise referred to as motor racing, entails a thrilling competition where drivers compete against one another on a designated track. These drivers have the option to compete individually or as part of a team. The ultimate victor in this high-speed sport is the driver who successfully crosses the finish line within the stipulated time or completes the greatest number of laps.

When prominent Formula 1 events unfold, they become the center of attention for sports betting enthusiasts on renowned bookmaking platforms. Despite the challenging nature of predicting the outcome of a Formula 1 race, fortunate bettors occasionally strike it rich. This is made possible due to the exceptionally high odds offered by bookmakers.

Athletics championships

Another type of sporting event on which punters throw their lot in with a view to making money is the athletics championships. Every day, punters are given the privilege of betting on the sporting events that take place. So, when major athletics championships are organised, punters are free to bet on the various disciplines and categories competing. Depending on their own judgement, punters can place the bets they feel are most appropriate.

To put it simply, a wide range of sporting events are included in the diverse realm of sports betting, offering ample opportunities for individuals to place wagers and potentially earn profits. These events encompass football championships, handball tournaments, basketball competitions, tennis matches, boxing bouts, rugby clashes, baseball games, motor racing contests, and athletics championships.

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